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June might mean all the great things about summer have arrived in the UK and Europe, but it’s a beautiful time to visit Asia too. Here’s our round up of where we would head in Asia during June, including great opportunities to see wildlife, get active, explore the ocean and simply rest on a perfect sandy beach.


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We’ll be back soon with our recommendations for where to go in July through to December. And as always just get in touch if you have any questions or need more tips.






June is another of those months when Borneo is fantastic although maybe not as great as May because by month’s end, the crowds begin to descend. With no storm patterns set to come through, June is a good one for Sarawak and Bako National Park. Bako is about a 45-minute drive from Kuching followed by a short boat ride. Explored entirely on foot, it’s one of the best places in Borneo to get close to wild proboscis monkeys, macaques, tortoises, frogs, and to watch colugos soar from one tree to another at dusk. The accommodation is basic but we think roughing it for a night is worth it for the wildlife. Or if you’d rather do something different, why not run the Borneo Marathon next June?




Thailand is decidedly in green season in June which means lush green rice paddies and vibrant landscapes, especially in the north. We love this quiet time of year and the Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival in the little village of Dan Sai. Held in northeastern Thailand in late June or early July, the colourful festival includes dancing, games, concerts, parades, and costumes. Few foreign visitors make the trip to this region or to this festival so you’ll get a genuine glimpse into traditional rites and beliefs of Thai villagers. We suggest combining a visit to Dan Sai with a stay at Green Gecko, a private villa where you’ll continue to learn about daily life in northeastern Thailand with plenty of creature comforts and a private chef.



The east coast of Malaysia is known for white sand beaches and clear waters of the Perhentians and Tioman where the snorkelling and diving are out of this world. Often overlooked, there are a few spots where it’s worth staying on the surface. The Cherating Tengarra Wind Challenge, held in June (or sometimes early July) highlights what’s on offer: surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, and more. One of our favourite boutique hotels in Malaysia, The Kasturi, is in Cherating which means you can wander the trails looking for monkeys in the trees, head for the beach to take in the competition, go for a leisurely paddle, cruise a river at sunset to look for fireflies, or curl up with a book and an ocean view from the deck of your own private pool.



Bali & Lombok

One of the best months to visit Bali and the nearby islands. Perfect weather, warm temperatures, plenty of water sports activities and great visibility for diving.

We suggest to combine Bali and or Lombok with a trip to Komodo. June is great month for a cruise around the Komodo National Park islands, just before the hassle of high season, mantas still around, Komodo getting ready for mating season… the green landscape almost gone, almost zero chances of rain.



Sri Lanka

Take advantage of fewer visitors, lower prices and great weather in The Cultural Triangle and on the East Coast of Sri Lanka during June. Visit the ancient cities of Anuradhapura or Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya Rock Fortress, which towers above the jungle canopy and go on safari at Minneriya National Park. Stay at the exclusive Water Garden Sigiriya or Ulagalla before continuing onto Trincomalee, basing yourself at the beautiful Jungle Beach and snorkelling or diving off Pigeon Island. Calm waters make the east coast ideal for you to swim, sail or partake in any number of water sports or –  simply enjoy relaxing on the beach.



Myanmar (Burma)

We love travelling Myanmar in the summer months – okay, yes, you need to expect some rain (it is the green season here) but did you know that there are vast parts that experience relatively low rainfall? And there are virtually no crowds, so the whole country is yours for the exploring! Whilst southern Myanmar experiences heavy rain, this Summer Tour of Myanmar, takes you to the northern and higher areas which receive much less rain without missing key highlights. What’s more, hotels are half price so you can stay in some really luxurious hotels for 3* prices. It’s worth noting it is not the best time to visit for beach lovers as the coast is a little too wet in the summer months.



The summer months are the perfect time of year to visit central Vietnam, which has a delayed rainy season and does not normally see much rain until September. What’s more, the centre of Vietnam has so much to offer! From the ancient capital of Hue, home to ancient tombs and the old imperial palace, to Hoi An – a UNESCO heritage town with a beach – many could just spend two weeks in the centre. Whilst the north and the south of Vietnam are in the green season and have some rain it does not mean that they cannot be visited as they are actually quieter at this time of year and the rain tends to be just for a few hours. You could also consider adding in Siem Reap in Cambodia to see the mighty Angkor Wat as it traditionally sees a lower rainfall and again, great to see this with fewer crowds. Take a peek at this Summer Holiday of Vietnam for more inspo.



In June, increased numbers of manta rays swarm the Maldives making for exciting snorkelling and diving if you stay in the right areas.

Take a peek at our Dive & Unwind itinerary for inspiration – you can certainly take full open water and advanced PADI qualifications in the Maldives, but this is designed for those looking for a more balanced trip. Spend a few hours each day on guided dives, but avoid classroom time while you’re on your luxury island holiday!




Traditionally called minazuki, “the month of water,” June gets more rainfall than other months as the rainy season sets in and sweeps upward through Japan.  Hokkaido, the northern island is relatively unaffected by the rainy season and is a safe bet if you want to avoid the rain almost entirely. Sapporo hosts two major festivals in rapid succession with the Yosakoi Soran Festival bringing colorful dancing processions to Odori Park and the three day Hokkaido Shrine Festival. Many of Hokkaido’s National Parks are at their best in June with all but a few of the highest park trails open for the hiking season. Rishiri and Rebun islands, off the most northern tip of Hokkaido are particularly beautiful with rare alpine flowers beginning to bloom.




June heralds the beginning of the real summer weather and is when China’s rainy season begin. June is the best time to visit areas famous for flowers. Unlike in other seasons, West Lake, a must-see attraction in Hangzhou, is covered with lovely water lilies, lotus flowers, and green lotus leaves in summer. June isn’t the hottest month in Hangzhou, so a cruise on West Lake is more comfortable. The traditional Chinese festival called the Dragon Boat Festival usually falls in June. There will be dragon boat racing and special rice dumplings to enjoy.



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