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Typically I’m quite spontaneous with my holidays but April is one of those months where it pays to be a planner and take advantage of a little trick to maximise your holiday time. 

By using just 8 days of your annual leave sandwiched around the bank holiday and boxed in by the other weekends you can get SIXTEEN days off work. (Here is all the detail you need) Sixteen days is a very nice amount of time for a holiday to Asia, and these are our top picks for Asia in April. 





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Standing in the middle of bright green rice terraces that rise all around you like an amphitheatre is a sight you won’t soon forget. The ancient and UNESCO-designated rice terraces of the northern Philippines are at their brightest in April and May with clear skies and just the right mix of tropical heat and mountain freshness.

We love this itinerary that takes you up north for treks in the rice terraces and then goes to the gorgeous island of Palawan for more adventure, island hopping, and beach days in El Nido.



Wildlife without the crowds? April in Borneo is one of the best months for that combination. The winds that hit western Malaysia have moved on by now so you can get out to Bako National Park to walk the trails and look for proboscis monkeys, colugos, tortoises, slow lorises and more. The accommodation is basic but it’s well worth staying the night as the trees come alive at dusk.

April is also a good month to look for orangutans at Sepilok and Semenggoh although one never can be sure if these wild and solitary apes will appear. 



The middle of the Malaysian peninsula can be a little wet in April but nearly all the islands – both east and west coast – are sunny and glorious. Well, there may be a few welcome bursts of tropical rain but these take the edge off the humidity and usually clear out quickly.

We really love the east coast beaches in April, especially Tioman where the underwater visibility can reach 30 meters at this time of year. Diving heaven!




The little nation of Singapore has festivals, events, or holidays nearly every month of the year and often, that means increased hotel prices and bigger crowds.

April is one of the quieter months. Often there are no major events bringing the hordes to town so hotels that price their rooms based on demand may be better value in April. Fancy a dip in the iconic rooftop infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands? Only guests have that privilege so this might be the month to splash out.



Sri Lanka

Visit Sri Lanka in April and join in with the New Year celebrations on the 12th & 13th April 2020 which is observed by both Sinhala Buddhists & Tamil Hindus. You will be welcomed with open arms and can expect to see religious ceremonies, colourful decorations, sample traditional food and partake in family activities.

Visit the south coast and go for a private whale watching trip. April is one of the peak months to observe blue whales, humpback whales, sperm, fin, killer whales and minke whales to name but a few. Have a look at our Elephants Leopards & Whales Tour for inspiration.




Head to the Maldives over Easter for a family-friendly holiday filled with powder-soft sand and warm lagoons bursting with marine life. We recently shared our Top 3 Maldives resorts with Kids Clubs too, if you need some inspiration.  

Or, if you’re looking to avoid the families, choose one of the adult-only islands to be guaranteed a more peaceful stay. As the short sharp rain storms start to come from May onwards, temperatures in April are HOT and you can expect plenty of glorious sunshine. 



April is one of the driest times in the country and so whilst the temperatures are quite hot it is the best time for wildlife spotting. There are national parks dotted throughout India and as the watering holes dry up you have the highest chance of seeing wildlife including the majestic tiger.

Our Golden Triangle and Tigers itinerary could be a perfect introduction to India with the added bonus of spotting a tiger – a great family adventure for the Easter holidays too!




April is the perfect time of year to explore the beautiful north of Vietnam, home to some of the region’s prettiest rice paddies, mountain landscapes and off the beaten track rural beauty. The mountains of Sapa are warming up after the winter and it’s the perfect time of year to lace up those walking shoes and explore before the rains come next month. The beaches in the centre are also great at this time of year whilst the tropical south is getting quite humid before the much needed rain cools the country down.

April is the ideal time of year for our Culture & Coast Tour.



The bounty-like treasure islands off the south coast of Cambodia call in April because it is hot, hot, hot! Not a great time of year for families to travel to Cambodia with young children but an excellent choice for those of you that love hot, tropical weather and are happy to spend plenty of time in the clear, pristine waters off the white sandy beaches in the Gulf of Thailand. Our absolute favourite island is Koh Kong Samloem although there are more and more lovely boutique hotels springing up on other islands.

Check out our From Temples and Jungles to Paradise Itinerary for more Inso.



Myanmar weather in April is excellent and it is the time when the two most important festivals in Myanmar take place – Water Festival and Myanmar New Year , so remember to plan your trip well in advance. The water festival (when people run around throwing water over each other – with anything from small trinket bowls of water to huge hose pipes drowning passer bys) is part of the New Year celebrations and could not come at a better time of year because Myanmar is hot, hot, hot in April. Be sure to spend some time on the coast and plan your sightseeing before 10am and after 4pm.

For more inspo see our Highlights of Myanmar Tour.



Luang Prabang and the often chillier regions of north Laos, which offer excellent hiking and off the beaten track experiences, are great to explore in April as they are slightly cooler than the south and the rest of the country (although still around 30 degrees, so not for those who prefer trekking in cooler climates). April is definitely the month for sun and heat worshippers as the south can get as hot as 40 degrees, before the rains come in April. We don’t really recommend Laos for travel with families but younger couples who aren’t afraid of sweating it out a little shouldn’t rule it out!

Check our our Luxury Loas with a Rural Focus for April.



April is the most popular month to travel to Japan for a good reason: The exuberant beauty of the Spring season in Japan is reflected on the blossoms of the thousands of cherry trees that open their beautiful and delicate flowers all over the country. The blossoms of this spectacular but ephemeral natural event lasts only two weeks and peak periods vary significantly by location, flowering first on the warmer areas last in the mountains.

We have selected the best viewing spots of the country in our 12 days Cherry Blossom Itinerary which includes the mind blowing cherry blossom landscapes at Mount Yoshino. Due to the popularity of this season, it is recommended to book your trip early!



Experience one of the world’s most inspiring yoga festivals the Spirit Festival, celebrating global community, world music and well-being, taking place on the idyllic island of Bali. Eager to discover amazing songwriters, DJs, world music bands and other conscious musicians? The extraordinary variety of the program combined with the spiritual and beautiful natural setting of Bali make Bali Spirit Festival an unforgettable experience.



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