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We probably don’t need to specifically mention that Chiang Mai is a must-see destination in Thailand. The town itself is simply amazing, with its picturesque centre, its sparkling temples, the little cafes and boutique stores, with its artist and handicraft scene and colourful markets.

Chiang Mai monks offerings

Chiang Mai is also the gateway to Northern Thailand where visitors can bathe with elephants, raft on rivers, hike through rice fields and amazing landscapes, see hill tribes living in their villages in the mountains.

We’ve been to Chiang Mai at least 8 times but there is always something new to discover. If you would like to find out more, we have listed our favourite experiences in and around Chiang Mai here.

But the question we are often receiving is: Where is the best place to stay in Chiang Mai? There are so many boutique hotels that it is easy to lose overview.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. During our trips, we always inspect new hotels and places to stay so we can give our clients the best recommendations according to their budget and to what they want to get out of their visit to Chiang Mai.

Here is an overview of the best boutique hotels in Chiang Mai:

Rachamankha Boutique Hotel

The Rachamankha is probably our most recommended hotel in Chiang Mai because of its excellent location in the heart of the city’s historic centre, its amazing northern Thai Lanna-style decor, its consistently fabulous service and the tasty  a-la-carte breakfast. It really ticks all the boxes, also in terms of value for money. There wasn’t a single negative comment we have heard from clients about this beautiful hotel ever.


The hotel is set around a series of enclosed courtyards so privacy and serenity are guaranteed. In fact, the hotel almost has a monastic atmosphere thanks to the calming and traditional Lanna architecture – covered walkways, dramatic sloped roofs and the central sala. The 25 guest rooms are fully equipped with all amenities one can think of, while the owner of the hotel supervises every detail of every room, from choosing antique Chinese cabinets, area rugs to the arrangement of flowers.

To find out more about the Rachamankha Chiang Mai, please click here.

Rachamankha Chiang Mai

Note: Rachamankha does not accept children under the age of 12.

Tamarind Village

Tamarind Village Boutique Hotel is also located within the historic city centre of Chiang Mai, in terms of location it really can’t get any better. It feels like an oasis hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. The hotel was built around a large Tamarind tree, every room is different, with interlinking verandas and distinctive heavily sloped Lanna roofs. All of the hotel’s 46 rooms are furnished with antiques and softened by tribal fabrics and patterns from the region.

Tamarind Village Chiang Mai

In addition, the hotel’s Ruen Tamarind Restaurant serves some of the best food we have eaten in Thailand. The menu includes a selection of authentic Northern Thai dishes prepared from original family recipes – highly recommended to stop by for a meal even if you aren’t staying at Tamarind Village.

Click here for more info about Tamarind Village Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai.

Four Seasons Chiang Mai

You might know that here at Fleewinter we are a bit snobbish when it comes to global chain hotels. However, this hotel is something else – it is simply breathtaking and one of our favourite hotels in the whole country. The only reason why we don’t sell it more often (next to its, admittedly, heavy price tag) is the fact that it is located outside of Chiang Mai, a 30-minute car drive away from the city, and not all clients want that. Its location is one reason why it is so special though: The hotel is built around terraced rice fields, offering stunning views and amazing landscaping.

Four Seasons Chiang Mai

The interior design was done by genius Bill Bensley (who was also in charge of the jaw dropping InterContinental Danang in Vietnam) who never ceases to amaze and surprise, the service is impeccable, the F&B outstanding and one just can’t stop admiring every little detail of this hotel that is just so much more than a hotel. The hotel also offers Pool Villas which are perfect for families.

Four Seasons Chiang Mai Pool Villas

Click here to find out more about the Four Seasons Chiang Mai.

Raya Heritage

The new Raya Heritage is another gem of a hotel we love. It is located in the outskirts of Chiang Mai, a 20 minutes drive away from the city centre. The hotel runs free shuttle services to the historic centre, so really it is ideal for clients that like to be surrounded by nature but want to experience the city life of Chiang Mai as well. Located on the bank of the Ping River, the hotel is a luxurious sanctuary highlighting northern Thailand’s artistry, craftsmanship, traditions, and culture. We love the hotel’s ambiance, bright and airy, with touches of traditional Thai design.

Raya Heritage

Raya Heritage

To find out more about Raya Heritage, Marbree has put together a video about her recent research trip.

137 Pillars

137 Pillars is a luxurious sanctuary, built around the historic Baan Borneo, which was the Northern Headquarters of the Borneo Trading Company built 125 years ago. Intrigued by the history of the house in the idyllic setting, the new owner decided to emphasize the fact that it was the house with the most number of pillars in Chiang Mai and to convert it into a luxurious haven of tranquility with only 30 guest rooms.

137 Pillars Chiang Mai

137 pillars

137 Pillars

All details in this hotel are carefully designed to make guests feel at home in Chiang Mai. If you are looking for more information about 137 Pillars, please click here.

Here at Fleewinter, we take great pride in choosing the best accommodation according to our clients’ wishes and expectations. We would love to craft a tailor-made trip to Thailand for you too, why not get in touch at to find out how we can make your trip to Thailand an unforgettable one?

xx, Eva

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