Maldives: Our Top Tips 

Ah, the Maldives. It’s truly like nowhere else on earth and the photos need no filter.  Deciding where to stay is one of the hardest things and definitely too much detail to cover in this one [...]

What to do in Penang

The island of Penang is one of my favorite parts of Malaysia and I recommend it to nearly everyone. Not only is it home to the UNESCO-designated Historic City of George Town but also beaches, [...]

Travel Asia Plastic Free

Disposable plastic water bottles: We’ve all seen them washed up on beaches, bobbing in the oceans, bays, and rivers of Southeast Asia. They aren’t pretty and the problem isn’t [...]

Best eco resorts in Asia

Why did we decide to write a blog about the best eco resorts in Asia? When it comes to luxury holidaying, we could see in the past years that for our clients it has become increasingly important [...]

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