Welcome to our world of Luxury Travel in Asia

Meet the team behind Luxury Travel in Asia

Welcome to our world of Luxury Travel in Asia… a.k.a. our naughty little world of travel secrets. We are Marbree, Eva & Delia – three ladies from different corners of the globe who love to travel, met through travel and now work in travel. We design tailor-made holidays through Southeast Asia at London-based tour operator Fleewinter and would love to help you plan your holiday! But first a little more about us…



Meet Delia, the original founder of Luxury Travel in Asia, who has lived in both Vietnam and Laos and spent more time in Cambodia and Myanmar than her home country (UK) in recent years (or so her mother complains!) When not frolicking in Asia, Delia can be found at her beachside home near Barcelona with her boyfriend and dog where she has managed to substitute chicken fried rice for paella!

One day on a boat in the remote Myeik Archipelago in southern Myanmar (how all good stories should begin) she met Eva, who also worked in travel and was living in Yangon at the time. For two nights they sailed through the stunning and untouched islands, marvelled at the turquoise waters, visited the local Moken people (known as the sea gypsies) and swapped travel tales. Unbeknown to either of them at the time they would later become firm friends – and even colleagues!



Meet Eva, the guru of all things Thailand. Originally from Germany, she stumbled across her favourite Asian destination when she and her Australian fling were looking for a place to meet up between Europe and down under. Not only did she fall in love with the Australian, but also with the land of smiles and its thousand islands. Years later, they tied the knot on one of those islands and made their home in nearby Myanmar.

About a year after that epic Burmese boat ride, whilst sipping on coconuts at a co-working space in Bali (with particularly delightful rice paddy views), Delia and Marbree were introduced by a mutual friend. For three months they lived in lush jungle villas just a few rice paddies apart in Ubud where they became fast friends and eventually colleagues after sharing what some would argue as more than their fair share of coconuts, Bintang beers, and some rather epic sunrises!



Meet Marbree, the ever-wandering American who fell so deeply in love with Southeast Asia that she rarely leaves the region. Always in search of great diving, mountains to climb, and the tastiest coconuts, she moves her home base from one spot to another. In any given year you might find her in Bali, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, or wandering the wilds of Borneo.

When Delia connected Marbree with Eva, another friendship was born. The two met up for some quality time in Thailand with elephants, gibbons, kayaks, plenty of coconuts, and a few wine-fuelled nights. Oh, and checking out some stunning pool villas and delightful boutique hotels. With Eva in Myanmar making frequent trips to Thailand and Marbree on the loose in Southeast Asia, the two were destined for friendship.

When Delia met Eva


When Eva met Marbree...


When Marbree met Delia...


Today we all work as travel consultants for a small, boutique travel company that is based in London. What does this mean? We basically get to spend a lot of time running around Southeast Asia, researching the best boutique hotels, off-the-beaten track eco lodges and the most idyllic of far-flung islands to name a few. Our daily challenges include everything from trying to find the best animal welfare conservation projects in the region to locating the finest beaches and pool villas in Southeast Asia – (the latter took an awful lot of sunbathing before we finally discovered the answer). It’s a tough job.

And this little blog is where we get to spill the beans about all our favourite finds. Here you can read our personal tried and tested testimonials and reviews of luxury hotels, cruises and excursions in this gorgeous little corner of the world.

Although it is not all about expensive luxury, as the title may suggest. We seek to get off beaten track and away from the crowds but finish each day with fine food and the perfect pillow of goose-down feathers and Egyptian cotton. We believe you can find luxury in the small things and that the less luxurious moments of travel make the rewards even sweeter. Wherever we can, we avoid chain hotels and are always searching to find the next hidden gem and secret getaway. 

So if that’s your thing please do subscribe to our blog and follow our journeys.

Oh, and if you want to book a holiday with us, check out Fleewinter, and get in touch (our lovely colleagues offer plenty of other smashing destinations outside Southeast Asia too). Or hit the Contact button – we love getting mail!