About Me

Welcome to my world of Luxury Travel in Asia… aka, my naughty little world of travel secrets. My name is Delia Monk and I work as a travel consultant for a small, boutique travel company in London.

What does this mean? I basically get to spend a lot of time running around South-East Asia, researching the best boutique hotels, sampling various infinity pools and facing difficult challenges like finding the best beach in Vietnam. (The latter took a lot of sunbathing before I finally discovered the answer). It’s a tough job.

And this little blog is where I get to spill the beans about all my favourite finds. Here you can read all about my favourite luxury hotels, cruises and excursions in this gorgeous little corner of the world.

Although it is not all about expensive luxury, as the title may suggest. I seek to get off beaten track and away from the crowds but finish each day with fine food and the perfect pillow of goose-down feathers and Egyptian cotton. I believe you can find luxury in the small things. I avoid chain hotels and am always searching to find the next hidden gem and secret getaway.

So if that’s your thing please do subscribe to my blog and follow my journeys.

Oh, and if you want to book a holiday with me, check out Fleewinter Travel Agency, and get in touch (my lovely colleagues offer plenty of other smashing destinations too). Or hit the Contact button underneath the ‘About’ section. See there is method in my madness…

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